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With Thanksgiving being celebrated next week and then Christmas, I felt compelled to share a way to make extra money online with Pinecone Research for anyone wishing to supplement their income online.

About Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a market research conglomerate that serves thousands of industries in being a conduit of information for products used throughout the world.  I have been with the company for over three years.  This credible agency is owned by Nielsen Company, LLC and is headquartered in New York, New York.

Watch my video below on how to become a PineCone Research panelist and earn $3 for every survey:

Ways to Get Paid with Pinecone Research

Now that it is established that if you sign up  * and provide feedback on company products you can be paid.  Here’s exactly ways Pinecone rewards its panelists:

pincone research

Personally I choose cash through Paypal.  The minimum cash out is $3.00.  There are a ton of merchandise you can accumulate points to earn ranging from electronics to houseware.

Not Just a Survey Site

Survey sites can excite some and enrage others, but Pinecone Research is unique as it provides not only a chance to give valued information for the market, but panelist can also product test.  I have tested products that were not on the market yet and felt special!  I get to benefit with free product (food, cookware, arts and craft toys, recipe ingredient, personal items…) and tell the company exactly what I think about their brainchild!  Pinecone Research is also available in mobile studies as well!

Length and Nature of the Survey

I recall some “studies”, as they are called, lasting 10-12 minutes and some of the longer ones about 20 minutes.  Not to compromise my terms of agreement, the surveys follow a certain structure that is unlike any other Survey Company I’ve worked for including, Legerweb, Epoll Surveys, Paid Viewpoint, and others!

Survey questions at times require a panelist to rate their user experience of a virtual creation, give their personal feedback on a real transaction, share your likes and dislikes and so many other creative methods of expression.  Cha Ching!

Qualifying for the Study

Every panelist is not accepted to every available study with the company.  A screener is sent via email to allow panelist to answer a series of questions to determine eligibility.  These briefs are not too bad, but necessary.

When first signing up with Pinecone Research certain questions are required such as your Nationality, income, work industry, shopping habits, education, other preferences, and more.

This is required often in order to get accepted to studies.  Some may consider it an inconvenience; however, it is temporary and these $3 studies become a means of paying off bills rather quickly!

Join Pinceone Research to Earn Extra Money Online

If you have never made the commitment, consider yourself invited!  Simply click here. *

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