How to Play Keyboard at Church

How to play keyboard is a common question among music lovers all over the world!  Whether you love country, jazz, pop, Gospel, or hip hop the fundamentals of keyboard playing are key to enhancing your overall sound.

I have been playing the keyboard for over thirty years now and I am not self-taught though I can play by ear.  I was put in lessons by my mother; however, it was for classical style piano playing.  While I am grateful for this foundation, ultimately I wanted to play for church!

Lessons are needed to first teach a person to become acclimated with the keyboard or piano.  Most people learn in grade school the keyboard notes, but should you have not retained that nor do you understand note values the instruction from an experienced and knowledgeable teacher will take you to the level you so desire.

One drawback in today’s economy is not only money, but time!  Many want to know how to play keyboard, but feel they cannot afford lessons or haven’t the time to visit a piano instructor once a week.

If you are serious about how to play the keyboard at church I suggest you consider training online!  Online education is rampant in many many areas from keyboarding to needle work.  I currently receive ongoing instruction online as a church musician at Gospel Music Training Center.

This online portal is excellent as it offers training for keyboard for the beginner to the expert.  You can learn you favorite gospel songs online and then go and execute in church and play to the glory of God!

The online videos will not only teach you how to play keyboard, but it will show you how to play keyboard for church.  The videos offer lettering and note names so one can easily find what to play on the keyboard.

If you’re not fully convinced and feel you need a more in depth review, watch my video below of Gospel Music Training Center!

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