First Time Using Wrap-A-Loc Tool For My 100+ Locs

Spirals Post Wrap-A-Loc

That’s right!  I’ve counted in excess of 100 individual strands of cottony coils on my head.  I have been locking, also known as dreadlocking, for  12 years now.





About Wrap-A-Loc

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Over these years I’ve tried tons of styles and trends with my locs.   One of my favorite was Petal Locs.  I would wear that nonstop today if it did not take so long to style, though my stylist is phenomenal!  In the last two years I began a style known as Loc Knots.  I’d wear that style free of rubber bands, and once I took the style out it was two styles in one as I could wear my hair spirally and wavy for weeks following!



Tool for Locs

Petal Locs

Which brings me to the reason you stopped to read this post, Wrap -A-Loc.  I occasionally browsed other ladies on YouTube who style their locs and discovered the Wrap a Loc technology.  It could produce styles like the Loc Knots and so much more!  I had tried using pipe cleaners and had great results, except for the metal sticking in my scalp.  You would not like that either!

Wrap-A-Loc are light-weight, pliable, rubber-like coated tools that are similar to miniature foam curlers without the foam outer.  After locking for 12 years my hair reaches to my derrière.  Sometimes, I want a change of length and want all that hair out of my face!  Watch my personal YouTube Video Below to get a better understanding.

First Impression

I decided to fashion my hair in circles, similar to the Petal Locs, but with a coiling of the hair instead of actual time-consuming,  individual loops.  Unlike the pipe cleaner, Wrap-A-Loc rods did not prick my scalp.  They were not too dense for my posture, neck, or usual activity.  I am still learning the facets of fashioning these rods which bend every which way and hold the hair as desired.  I will rate the experience from start to finish on a scale of 1-10 as a 9.8!

I haven’t a clue as to how I will apply them in my next style.  It was an investment, but since I plan on dying with my locs as a preferred style, it was well worth the money!

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