Wix is Wonderful

I’ve had the opportunity to provide content and monitor several Wix properties online!  If you are considering a platform for your web presence I recommend Wix wholly.

My husband’s website, professional saxophonist,  it a Wix site.  My Hair stylist, loctician,  owns a Wix site complete with an online store to sell her products and more!  Lastly, my event planner friend has a Wix site.

All can be used with ease in terms of navigation, appeal, and responsiveness regardless of if you’re on a device or a desktop!  The consensus is that Wix is simple and user-friendly for professionals who are not in web design.

Wix sites can be all inclusive and relatively, reasonably prized under $200 for your basic business option.  To put your print on cyberspace, begin with Wix!