Learn to Play Let the Church Say Amen at Gospel Music Training Center

Let the Church Say Amen is a most beautiful arrangement by Andre Crouch, but most associate it with Whitney Houston’s funeral and sang by Marvin Winans.  Below you can find yours truly playing it on the keyboard!  I learned it at Gospel Music Training Center.

The song is truly amazing as it affirms the very word of the Lord and confirms what has been declared with an amen!  Christians know the power of obedience to a most sovereign and loving God.  This song though made popular in my eyes at a funeral is not sad, but an anthem in its own right.

Watch below to see the actual version I saw at the close of Whitney’s funeral’s end.  It was later after hearing it that I sought out the song to hear it again and again.

Lyrics for Let the Church Say Amen:
Let the church say amen, let the church say amen
God has spoken, so let the church say amen
Let the church, let ‘em say amen
If you believe the word, let the whole church say amen
God has spoken, so let the church say amen
Lift your hands, lift your hands
God has spoken, so let the church say amen,
Oh, thank you Lord
God has spoken, so let the church say amen
Choir enter
Let the church say amen
Let the church… everybody… say amen
God… God has spoken
So let the church… let the church… say… say amen
Vocals and choir
Can I get a witness… let the church say amen
To what His plans are… let the church say amen
To what His words say…
God has spoken… God has spoken
Let the church… let the church… say… say amen… amen
Make this your response… amen
To whatever He says… amen
From the healing of your body… amen
To the raising of the dead… amen
No matter how you feeling… amen
Or how your world is reeling… amen
Battle on through the night… amen
Cause you’re going to win the fight… amen
Even in the valley… amen
Or standing at your red sea… amen
Continue to say… amen
Cause your help is on the way… amen
My God has spoken
I heard Him… let the church… so let the church say… say amen
Lift your hands wherever you are, and let the church
Let the church say amen
Amen, say… let the church… let the church say… say amen,
God has spoken… God has spoken
Hallelujah… let the church… let the church say… say amen
All we needed was a word from the Lord
We’ve got it so… let the church… let the church… say amen.
Oh, let the church… let the whole church… say amen
God has spoken… God has spoken… well, well, well
Let the church… let the church… let the church say… say amen
I need you to say it… amen
When your dream is about to die… amen
Knowing that God is not a man… amen
He just can’t lie… amen
In spite of what… amen
What the devil does… amen
Know you’ve got a word… amen
That has come from above… amen
Faith must be… amen
Must be what you say… amen
So open your mouth… amen
And say amen today… amen
Cause God has spoken
I heard Him when He said it… let the church… so let the church… say amen
You and you and you say… amen
From the deacons… amen
To the mothers… amen
All of the sisters… amen
All of the brothers say…
God has spoken… oh my my
Let the church… let the church… say amen
My experience in learning the song was fun.  I dedicated a week to learning the easiest version of it at Gospel Music Training Center   Novice players or inexperienced players can learn it too, it certainly will take time and dedication to accomplish such.  Andre Crouch’s complexity in playing is beyond compare and to attempt to learn  such a magnificent song requires much commitment to practice and perfection.

How to Play Keyboard at Church

How to play keyboard is a common question among music lovers all over the world!  Whether you love country, jazz, pop, Gospel, or hip hop the fundamentals of keyboard playing are key to enhancing your overall sound.

I have been playing the keyboard for over thirty years now and I am not self-taught though I can play by ear.  I was put in lessons by my mother; however, it was for classical style piano playing.  While I am grateful for this foundation, ultimately I wanted to play for church!

Lessons are needed to first teach a person to become acclimated with the keyboard or piano.  Most people learn in grade school the keyboard notes, but should you have not retained that nor do you understand note values the instruction from an experienced and knowledgeable teacher will take you to the level you so desire.

One drawback in today’s economy is not only money, but time!  Many want to know how to play keyboard, but feel they cannot afford lessons or haven’t the time to visit a piano instructor once a week.

If you are serious about how to play the keyboard at church I suggest you consider training online!  Online education is rampant in many many areas from keyboarding to needle work.  I currently receive ongoing instruction online as a church musician at Gospel Music Training Center.

This online portal is excellent as it offers training for keyboard for the beginner to the expert.  You can learn you favorite gospel songs online and then go and execute in church and play to the glory of God!

The online videos will not only teach you how to play keyboard, but it will show you how to play keyboard for church.  The videos offer lettering and note names so one can easily find what to play on the keyboard.

If you’re not fully convinced and feel you need a more in depth review, watch my video below of Gospel Music Training Center!

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