Bible App or Holy Bible?

What should it matter just so long as you’re reading the “good book”, I thought?  It wasn’t until I recently picked up my Bible enclosed in a dirty Bible cover and read it that I drew my conclusion!

My Bible Regimen

Personal study time, in a church service, or when bored I have been accustomed to resort to my Bible app.  About two weeks ago after the horrid Hurricane Florence I felt compelled to stop stepping over my Holy Bible and instead resume my cover-to-cover Bible reading project inside!

It felt different!  I had not opened my bible in months.  Opening it, reading it, feeling the pages and having the resources such as doctrinal footnotes, commentary, concordance, and more was well worth it.  I enjoyed it so much so that I found highlighters and went to work! 

Check out the video below I discovered this summer about the Holy Bible owned by a gentleman.

My Bible does not leak oil, but I must admit there’s an unexplicable significance about the use of the actual book.

Bible App is Amazing

Technology is a wonder. The Bible application I use is called YouVersion. At the simple  press of a virtual button I have immediate access to various versions of the Bible, commentaries, devotions, and more. I truly appreciate all those perks. I can even record notes in real-time as I read without any paper it pencil and save it! If I’m in a rush and need God’s word read aloud to me there’s an Englishman who  reads aloud to me at my request. All this and it’s free! Every once in a while I’ll share a scripture on Facebook and I love how the app automatically indicates  the scripture reference.

I absolutely value the Bible app as its easy  to also save scriptures in a notepad or online document outside of the app. This is convenient and has been a method I use for meditation and memorization  of scripture.

My Conclusion

“How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.”

Psalms 119:103-104 KJV

I am of the opinion that God’s word is just that. Whether it’s online or in a printed Bible, it is the living Word of God! Read on…