3 Unforgettable Bible Stories That Beat Texting

David chops off Goliath's head

The Bible is my source of inspiration as it is a book of truth with many miracles accounted within the 66 books.  I chose to focus not on the virgin birth, the resurrection of Christ or even the parting of the Red Sea.   This post highlights three unthinkable events that took place and are recorded therein!

Housewife Homicide

woman nailed a man's head to the floor in the bibleJael kills sisera

The story of Jael has always remained in my memory bank as it is a story of extraordinary bravery and prowess.   Here’s why.  Jael murders a man named Sisera.   Sisera is not your average guy.  Sisera is the captain of the Canaanite army!  This woman has no known occupation.  We know she is present in her tent when Sisera came around and this wife of  Heber nails Sisera!  Jael literally nailed Sisera through his head to the ground.

In Judges 4  you have the Israelites in a rebellious state, thus they were overtaken by the Canaanites.  The captain of the Canaanite army was none other than Sisera.  It was prophesied by Prophetess and Judge Deborah, another famous, female biblical character, the demise of Sisera to a female. Some say Deborah was speaking of herself as Barak, Israelite commander, asked Deborah to accompany them as they pursued Sisera and his army.  Others believe Deborah foretold the slaying of Sisera by Jael.

In any case, here’s how it went down.  Sisera escaped the onslaught of the Israelite advance.  He wandered to the town where Jael lodged.  He somehow managed to come in proximity to Heber and Jael’s tent.  Jael beckoned Sisera to enter.  Jael had the wherewithal to identify Sisera as the enemy.  Jael had the brilliance of duping Sisera by covering him in her tent (hid him).  The Canaanite captain asked for water and she provided him milk!

Sisera asked of Jael to keep his whereabouts a secret when the Israelites inquired.  At the opportune time Jael found Sisera resting in her tent.  She queitly took a nail to his temple and drove in through his skull, killing him through to the floor of the tent!

In Judges 5 Deborah praised Jael for her bravery, thus the prophecy was fulfilled.

Son-In-Law Jacks His Father-in-Law

Jacob uses rods on flock
Jacob lays rods before flock

The verb ‘jack’ in the subtitle means steal.  This is a jaw-dropping story of how livestock gets stolen right under the owner’s nose.

Cattle represented great assets in biblical times.   Jacob secretly took the stronger cattle from his father-in-law Laban, leaving Laban with the weaker cattle, without telling his father-in-law goodbye.

Jacob, better known as Israel was the son-in-law of Laban.  Laban was father to Jacob’s wives Leah and Rachel.   Jacob amassed wives, concubines, and children after working for his father-in-law many years.  In Genesis 30:26 Jacob requested his wives and children and a right to leave.

Genesis 30:30 explains that Laban did not have much in the area of livestock before Jacob began tending to his cattle.  Jacob dedicated a total of 20 years of labor for Laban.

You see Jacob, the same son of Isaac that tricked his brother Esau out of his birthright, was tricked by Laban into working for him all those years.  Laban was really Jacob’s uncle as well as father-in-law as Laban and Jacob’s mother were siblings (Genesis 29:10).  Jacob fell in love with Rachel, Laban’s younger daughter.  The Bible says that when he kissed Rachel, he cried.  Laban agreed to allow Jacob to work for seven years for his younger daughter Rachel.

You may say seven years is a long time to work and wait to wed.  Well, the Bible says that the years felt like mere days to Jacob as he loved Rachel so.  After those seven years transpired, Jacob requested his bride only to find that Laban gave him Leah, the not so attractive older sister instead.

Laban explained it was not customary to hand over the younger daughter before the older.  How ironic was that as Jacob got Isaac’s blessing when that was usually reserved for the older son?

Nevertheless, Jacob worked an agreed additional seven years and became husband to his beloved Rachel.  Now we revisit the point in time when Jacob desired to return home and take his wives and children  with him as he now had a slew of them.

The agreement  between Laban and Jacob was that Jacob could be repaid for his 20 years of service to his father-in-law by taking with him all specked, spotted, and brown livestock.  How was it possible that Jacob stole all of Laban’s wealth in cattle?

Jacob took the spotted and ringstraked cattle from Laban’s flock.  He used sticks from a green poplar and hazel from a chestnut tree (Genesis 30:37) and pealed the skin of the sticks to the inner white layer, exposing white stripes in the sticks or rods.

Jacob took those sticks and put them in the water troughs of that cattle so when they drank they saw those striped sticks.  As the animals drank, they beheld the stripped sticks.

This always stuck with me for I first heard of this text as a little girl when my father preached about catching the vision.  He taught about how the animals caught the vision of the stripes they saw when they drank and produced after that vision.

Sure enough once those cattle mated they brought forth some speckled, spotted, and of course brown offspring.  Jacob continued this breeding with vision process.  He sorted the stronger and breaded them with the stronger and put the weaker among Laban’s cattle.   The bible says: Genesis 30:43

And the man increased exceedingly, and had much cattle, and maidservants, and menservants, and camels, and asses.

 Bald Man’s Barrage

Elisha and children and she bears
Parents mourn their loss of children of Bethel

As a mother and educator of youth, I take the welfare of children very seriously.  This story in 2 Kings 2:23-25 tells  of how two female bears attack and brutalized 42 boys.

One day prophet Eilsha traveled to Bethel and came upon 42 boys who mocked him, calling him bald head.  It just so happened that Elisha did not take kindly to the disrespect of the boys.  He cursed them in the Lord’s name.  Thereafter two she bears tore apart all those children.

In 2 Kings 2, Elisha previously loses his mentor Elijah as he was caught up in a whirlwind and could not be found.  Elisha goes on to part the Jordan with the mantle Elijah gave him, he healed water and barren land.  Surely, the man whom Elijah had just imparted a double portion was not one to be picked on by mouthy youth.

While this text is brief, it is a talking point for today’s youth.  When applying the Golden Rule, the death of these children is an extreme example of doing unto others what you will have done unto you.  I have explained this passage to my own children and encouraged them to be respectful to elders and any mankind as words are hurtful and actions cannot be undone.


I believe the Bible is the holy scriptures penned by authorized individuals who recorded the greatest events known to man.  The Second Book of Corinthians, Chapter 3 and Verse 16 says it best:

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

These Bible stories have enriched my life and taught me many life lessons and provided revelation.  It is my sincere hope that you too will share your favorite Bible stories and keep them a priority in your lives!