Wix is Wonderful

I’ve had the opportunity to provide content and monitor several Wix properties online!  If you are considering a platform for your web presence I recommend Wix wholly.

My husband’s website, professional saxophonist,  it a Wix site.  My Hair stylist, loctician,  owns a Wix site complete with an online store to sell her products and more!  Lastly, my event planner friend has a Wix site.

All can be used with ease in terms of navigation, appeal, and responsiveness regardless of if you’re on a device or a desktop!  The consensus is that Wix is simple and user-friendly for professionals who are not in web design.

Wix sites can be all inclusive and relatively, reasonably prized under $200 for your basic business option.  To put your print on cyberspace, begin with Wix!

Learn to Play Let the Church Say Amen at Gospel Music Training Center

Let the Church Say Amen is a most beautiful arrangement by Andre Crouch, but most associate it with Whitney Houston’s funeral and sang by Marvin Winans.  Below you can find yours truly playing it on the keyboard!  I learned it at Gospel Music Training Center.

The song is truly amazing as it affirms the very word of the Lord and confirms what has been declared with an amen!  Christians know the power of obedience to a most sovereign and loving God.  This song though made popular in my eyes at a funeral is not sad, but an anthem in its own right.

Watch below to see the actual version I saw at the close of Whitney’s funeral’s end.  It was later after hearing it that I sought out the song to hear it again and again.

Lyrics for Let the Church Say Amen:
Let the church say amen, let the church say amen
God has spoken, so let the church say amen
Let the church, let ‘em say amen
If you believe the word, let the whole church say amen
God has spoken, so let the church say amen
Lift your hands, lift your hands
God has spoken, so let the church say amen,
Oh, thank you Lord
God has spoken, so let the church say amen
Choir enter
Let the church say amen
Let the church… everybody… say amen
God… God has spoken
So let the church… let the church… say… say amen
Vocals and choir
Can I get a witness… let the church say amen
To what His plans are… let the church say amen
To what His words say…
God has spoken… God has spoken
Let the church… let the church… say… say amen… amen
Make this your response… amen
To whatever He says… amen
From the healing of your body… amen
To the raising of the dead… amen
No matter how you feeling… amen
Or how your world is reeling… amen
Battle on through the night… amen
Cause you’re going to win the fight… amen
Even in the valley… amen
Or standing at your red sea… amen
Continue to say… amen
Cause your help is on the way… amen
My God has spoken
I heard Him… let the church… so let the church say… say amen
Lift your hands wherever you are, and let the church
Let the church say amen
Amen, say… let the church… let the church say… say amen,
God has spoken… God has spoken
Hallelujah… let the church… let the church say… say amen
All we needed was a word from the Lord
We’ve got it so… let the church… let the church… say amen.
Oh, let the church… let the whole church… say amen
God has spoken… God has spoken… well, well, well
Let the church… let the church… let the church say… say amen
I need you to say it… amen
When your dream is about to die… amen
Knowing that God is not a man… amen
He just can’t lie… amen
In spite of what… amen
What the devil does… amen
Know you’ve got a word… amen
That has come from above… amen
Faith must be… amen
Must be what you say… amen
So open your mouth… amen
And say amen today… amen
Cause God has spoken
I heard Him when He said it… let the church… so let the church… say amen
You and you and you say… amen
From the deacons… amen
To the mothers… amen
All of the sisters… amen
All of the brothers say…
God has spoken… oh my my
Let the church… let the church… say amen
My experience in learning the song was fun.  I dedicated a week to learning the easiest version of it at Gospel Music Training Center   Novice players or inexperienced players can learn it too, it certainly will take time and dedication to accomplish such.  Andre Crouch’s complexity in playing is beyond compare and to attempt to learn  such a magnificent song requires much commitment to practice and perfection.

How to Play Keyboard at Church

How to play keyboard is a common question among music lovers all over the world!  Whether you love country, jazz, pop, Gospel, or hip hop the fundamentals of keyboard playing are key to enhancing your overall sound.

I have been playing the keyboard for over thirty years now and I am not self-taught though I can play by ear.  I was put in lessons by my mother; however, it was for classical style piano playing.  While I am grateful for this foundation, ultimately I wanted to play for church!

Lessons are needed to first teach a person to become acclimated with the keyboard or piano.  Most people learn in grade school the keyboard notes, but should you have not retained that nor do you understand note values the instruction from an experienced and knowledgeable teacher will take you to the level you so desire.

One drawback in today’s economy is not only money, but time!  Many want to know how to play keyboard, but feel they cannot afford lessons or haven’t the time to visit a piano instructor once a week.

If you are serious about how to play the keyboard at church I suggest you consider training online!  Online education is rampant in many many areas from keyboarding to needle work.  I currently receive ongoing instruction online as a church musician at Gospel Music Training Center.

This online portal is excellent as it offers training for keyboard for the beginner to the expert.  You can learn you favorite gospel songs online and then go and execute in church and play to the glory of God!

The online videos will not only teach you how to play keyboard, but it will show you how to play keyboard for church.  The videos offer lettering and note names so one can easily find what to play on the keyboard.

If you’re not fully convinced and feel you need a more in depth review, watch my video below of Gospel Music Training Center!

Make Extra Money Online with Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research make extra money online
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With Thanksgiving being celebrated next week and then Christmas, I felt compelled to share a way to make extra money online with Pinecone Research for anyone wishing to supplement their income online.

About Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a market research conglomerate that serves thousands of industries in being a conduit of information for products used throughout the world.  I have been with the company for over three years.  This credible agency is owned by Nielsen Company, LLC and is headquartered in New York, New York.

Watch my video below on how to become a PineCone Research panelist and earn $3 for every survey:

Ways to Get Paid with Pinecone Research

Now that it is established that if you sign up  * and provide feedback on company products you can be paid.  Here’s exactly ways Pinecone rewards its panelists:

pincone research

Personally I choose cash through Paypal.  The minimum cash out is $3.00.  There are a ton of merchandise you can accumulate points to earn ranging from electronics to houseware.

Not Just a Survey Site

Survey sites can excite some and enrage others, but Pinecone Research is unique as it provides not only a chance to give valued information for the market, but panelist can also product test.  I have tested products that were not on the market yet and felt special!  I get to benefit with free product (food, cookware, arts and craft toys, recipe ingredient, personal items…) and tell the company exactly what I think about their brainchild!  Pinecone Research is also available in mobile studies as well!

Length and Nature of the Survey

I recall some “studies”, as they are called, lasting 10-12 minutes and some of the longer ones about 20 minutes.  Not to compromise my terms of agreement, the surveys follow a certain structure that is unlike any other Survey Company I’ve worked for including, Legerweb, Epoll Surveys, Paid Viewpoint, and others!

Survey questions at times require a panelist to rate their user experience of a virtual creation, give their personal feedback on a real transaction, share your likes and dislikes and so many other creative methods of expression.  Cha Ching!

Qualifying for the Study

Every panelist is not accepted to every available study with the company.  A screener is sent via email to allow panelist to answer a series of questions to determine eligibility.  These briefs are not too bad, but necessary.

When first signing up with Pinecone Research certain questions are required such as your Nationality, income, work industry, shopping habits, education, other preferences, and more.

This is required often in order to get accepted to studies.  Some may consider it an inconvenience; however, it is temporary and these $3 studies become a means of paying off bills rather quickly!

Join Pinceone Research to Earn Extra Money Online

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Bible App or Holy Bible?

What should it matter just so long as you’re reading the “good book”, I thought?  It wasn’t until I recently picked up my Bible enclosed in a dirty Bible cover and read it that I drew my conclusion!

My Bible Regimen

Personal study time, in a church service, or when bored I have been accustomed to resort to my Bible app.  About two weeks ago after the horrid Hurricane Florence I felt compelled to stop stepping over my Holy Bible and instead resume my cover-to-cover Bible reading project inside!

It felt different!  I had not opened my bible in months.  Opening it, reading it, feeling the pages and having the resources such as doctrinal footnotes, commentary, concordance, and more was well worth it.  I enjoyed it so much so that I found highlighters and went to work! 

Check out the video below I discovered this summer about the Holy Bible owned by a gentleman.

My Bible does not leak oil, but I must admit there’s an unexplicable significance about the use of the actual book.

Bible App is Amazing

Technology is a wonder. The Bible application I use is called YouVersion. At the simple  press of a virtual button I have immediate access to various versions of the Bible, commentaries, devotions, and more. I truly appreciate all those perks. I can even record notes in real-time as I read without any paper it pencil and save it! If I’m in a rush and need God’s word read aloud to me there’s an Englishman who  reads aloud to me at my request. All this and it’s free! Every once in a while I’ll share a scripture on Facebook and I love how the app automatically indicates  the scripture reference.

I absolutely value the Bible app as its easy  to also save scriptures in a notepad or online document outside of the app. This is convenient and has been a method I use for meditation and memorization  of scripture.

My Conclusion

“How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.”

Psalms 119:103-104 KJV

I am of the opinion that God’s word is just that. Whether it’s online or in a printed Bible, it is the living Word of God! Read on…

First Time Using Wrap-A-Loc Tool For My 100+ Locs

Spirals Post Wrap-A-Loc

That’s right!  I’ve counted in excess of 100 individual strands of cottony coils on my head.  I have been locking, also known as dreadlocking, for  12 years now.





About Wrap-A-Loc

Click here for Wrap-A-Loc bundle.

Over these years I’ve tried tons of styles and trends with my locs.   One of my favorite was Petal Locs.  I would wear that nonstop today if it did not take so long to style, though my stylist is phenomenal!  In the last two years I began a style known as Loc Knots.  I’d wear that style free of rubber bands, and once I took the style out it was two styles in one as I could wear my hair spirally and wavy for weeks following!



Tool for Locs

Petal Locs

Which brings me to the reason you stopped to read this post, Wrap -A-Loc.  I occasionally browsed other ladies on YouTube who style their locs and discovered the Wrap a Loc technology.  It could produce styles like the Loc Knots and so much more!  I had tried using pipe cleaners and had great results, except for the metal sticking in my scalp.  You would not like that either!

Wrap-A-Loc are light-weight, pliable, rubber-like coated tools that are similar to miniature foam curlers without the foam outer.  After locking for 12 years my hair reaches to my derrière.  Sometimes, I want a change of length and want all that hair out of my face!  Watch my personal YouTube Video Below to get a better understanding.

First Impression

I decided to fashion my hair in circles, similar to the Petal Locs, but with a coiling of the hair instead of actual time-consuming,  individual loops.  Unlike the pipe cleaner, Wrap-A-Loc rods did not prick my scalp.  They were not too dense for my posture, neck, or usual activity.  I am still learning the facets of fashioning these rods which bend every which way and hold the hair as desired.  I will rate the experience from start to finish on a scale of 1-10 as a 9.8!

I haven’t a clue as to how I will apply them in my next style.  It was an investment, but since I plan on dying with my locs as a preferred style, it was well worth the money!

More About Sister Nandi


Find more about Wrap-A-Loc at the Official Website!


How to Learn the Books of the Bible

memorize books of the bible

As a Christian enthusiast, I felt I should learn the Bible books.  After all, I tend to go all out for favorites of mine such as foods, movies/ tv shows, or apps.  Why not get fanatical about the greatest book every published? 

Learning Books of the Bible Made Easy

I often YouTube.  Seriously, I’m on YouTube everyday searching for videos on recipes, shoe reviews, keyboard tutorials, and so forth and so on.  To memorize  the  books of the Bible, I searched and below is the video I watched:



I can honestly say that after watching the above video, I am practicing writing the 27 New Testament books and the 39 Old Testament books.  That will allow me to recall how to locate scripture.  My hope is that I can embed that  knowledge into my long-term memory.  I am almost 100% accurate each time I write out these 66 books of God’s Word!

Why is It Important to Remember the Books of the Bible

As a Christian, I recognize the richness of the Word of God.  One of my favorite scriptures is when Solomon wrote in Proverbs 4:20-23 to his son:

 My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.  Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart.  For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.   Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

In applying that very text to my life, God has left me the BIBLE which is basic instructions before leaving earth.  To be successful at this life on earth, I must devour His Word.  Proverbs 4 says that in doing so, I can be well in every aspect of life.  I can be well in my finances.  I can be well in my dealings with other people.  I can be well in my mental capacity.  I can be an effective witness of Jesus Christ, and I can especially be well in my physical body!

Know the Word, Know God’s Promises

Even in the secular realm, knowledge is power!  As Christians, Word knowledge may start with rote memorization of how to find the books of the Bible, then could graduate into meditation on holy scripture, application, and ultimately activation!

There are so many promises within the Bible, it is inconceivable!  The level of revelation I so desire is what Paul spoke of in Ephesians 1:17-19:

 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:  The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,  And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,

To know God in such a way is my quest.  Granted, knowing the chapter index to the Bible alone is not going to get me to that level.  It certainly is a help.

I wrote this post because I want to know all I can about God’s Word.  Modern technology is such that I do not have to know each book.  I could simply just click the name of the book, but I deem it necessary and will teach my children as well!  I will close with a promise in scripture that I hold dear as it relates to my four children and God’s Word:

Isaiah 59:21

 As for me, this is my covenant with them, saith the Lord; My spirit that is upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed’s seed, saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever.








3 Unforgettable Bible Stories That Beat Texting

David chops off Goliath's head

The Bible is my source of inspiration as it is a book of truth with many miracles accounted within the 66 books.  I chose to focus not on the virgin birth, the resurrection of Christ or even the parting of the Red Sea.   This post highlights three unthinkable events that took place and are recorded therein!

Housewife Homicide

woman nailed a man's head to the floor in the bibleJael kills sisera

The story of Jael has always remained in my memory bank as it is a story of extraordinary bravery and prowess.   Here’s why.  Jael murders a man named Sisera.   Sisera is not your average guy.  Sisera is the captain of the Canaanite army!  This woman has no known occupation.  We know she is present in her tent when Sisera came around and this wife of  Heber nails Sisera!  Jael literally nailed Sisera through his head to the ground.

In Judges 4  you have the Israelites in a rebellious state, thus they were overtaken by the Canaanites.  The captain of the Canaanite army was none other than Sisera.  It was prophesied by Prophetess and Judge Deborah, another famous, female biblical character, the demise of Sisera to a female. Some say Deborah was speaking of herself as Barak, Israelite commander, asked Deborah to accompany them as they pursued Sisera and his army.  Others believe Deborah foretold the slaying of Sisera by Jael.

In any case, here’s how it went down.  Sisera escaped the onslaught of the Israelite advance.  He wandered to the town where Jael lodged.  He somehow managed to come in proximity to Heber and Jael’s tent.  Jael beckoned Sisera to enter.  Jael had the wherewithal to identify Sisera as the enemy.  Jael had the brilliance of duping Sisera by covering him in her tent (hid him).  The Canaanite captain asked for water and she provided him milk!

Sisera asked of Jael to keep his whereabouts a secret when the Israelites inquired.  At the opportune time Jael found Sisera resting in her tent.  She queitly took a nail to his temple and drove in through his skull, killing him through to the floor of the tent!

In Judges 5 Deborah praised Jael for her bravery, thus the prophecy was fulfilled.

Son-In-Law Jacks His Father-in-Law

Jacob uses rods on flock
Jacob lays rods before flock

The verb ‘jack’ in the subtitle means steal.  This is a jaw-dropping story of how livestock gets stolen right under the owner’s nose.

Cattle represented great assets in biblical times.   Jacob secretly took the stronger cattle from his father-in-law Laban, leaving Laban with the weaker cattle, without telling his father-in-law goodbye.

Jacob, better known as Israel was the son-in-law of Laban.  Laban was father to Jacob’s wives Leah and Rachel.   Jacob amassed wives, concubines, and children after working for his father-in-law many years.  In Genesis 30:26 Jacob requested his wives and children and a right to leave.

Genesis 30:30 explains that Laban did not have much in the area of livestock before Jacob began tending to his cattle.  Jacob dedicated a total of 20 years of labor for Laban.

You see Jacob, the same son of Isaac that tricked his brother Esau out of his birthright, was tricked by Laban into working for him all those years.  Laban was really Jacob’s uncle as well as father-in-law as Laban and Jacob’s mother were siblings (Genesis 29:10).  Jacob fell in love with Rachel, Laban’s younger daughter.  The Bible says that when he kissed Rachel, he cried.  Laban agreed to allow Jacob to work for seven years for his younger daughter Rachel.

You may say seven years is a long time to work and wait to wed.  Well, the Bible says that the years felt like mere days to Jacob as he loved Rachel so.  After those seven years transpired, Jacob requested his bride only to find that Laban gave him Leah, the not so attractive older sister instead.

Laban explained it was not customary to hand over the younger daughter before the older.  How ironic was that as Jacob got Isaac’s blessing when that was usually reserved for the older son?

Nevertheless, Jacob worked an agreed additional seven years and became husband to his beloved Rachel.  Now we revisit the point in time when Jacob desired to return home and take his wives and children  with him as he now had a slew of them.

The agreement  between Laban and Jacob was that Jacob could be repaid for his 20 years of service to his father-in-law by taking with him all specked, spotted, and brown livestock.  How was it possible that Jacob stole all of Laban’s wealth in cattle?

Jacob took the spotted and ringstraked cattle from Laban’s flock.  He used sticks from a green poplar and hazel from a chestnut tree (Genesis 30:37) and pealed the skin of the sticks to the inner white layer, exposing white stripes in the sticks or rods.

Jacob took those sticks and put them in the water troughs of that cattle so when they drank they saw those striped sticks.  As the animals drank, they beheld the stripped sticks.

This always stuck with me for I first heard of this text as a little girl when my father preached about catching the vision.  He taught about how the animals caught the vision of the stripes they saw when they drank and produced after that vision.

Sure enough once those cattle mated they brought forth some speckled, spotted, and of course brown offspring.  Jacob continued this breeding with vision process.  He sorted the stronger and breaded them with the stronger and put the weaker among Laban’s cattle.   The bible says: Genesis 30:43

And the man increased exceedingly, and had much cattle, and maidservants, and menservants, and camels, and asses.

 Bald Man’s Barrage

Elisha and children and she bears
Parents mourn their loss of children of Bethel

As a mother and educator of youth, I take the welfare of children very seriously.  This story in 2 Kings 2:23-25 tells  of how two female bears attack and brutalized 42 boys.

One day prophet Eilsha traveled to Bethel and came upon 42 boys who mocked him, calling him bald head.  It just so happened that Elisha did not take kindly to the disrespect of the boys.  He cursed them in the Lord’s name.  Thereafter two she bears tore apart all those children.

In 2 Kings 2, Elisha previously loses his mentor Elijah as he was caught up in a whirlwind and could not be found.  Elisha goes on to part the Jordan with the mantle Elijah gave him, he healed water and barren land.  Surely, the man whom Elijah had just imparted a double portion was not one to be picked on by mouthy youth.

While this text is brief, it is a talking point for today’s youth.  When applying the Golden Rule, the death of these children is an extreme example of doing unto others what you will have done unto you.  I have explained this passage to my own children and encouraged them to be respectful to elders and any mankind as words are hurtful and actions cannot be undone.


I believe the Bible is the holy scriptures penned by authorized individuals who recorded the greatest events known to man.  The Second Book of Corinthians, Chapter 3 and Verse 16 says it best:

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

These Bible stories have enriched my life and taught me many life lessons and provided revelation.  It is my sincere hope that you too will share your favorite Bible stories and keep them a priority in your lives!